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Changing the appearance of your smile can also change your life!

Check out some of the treatment we’ve provided to patients just like you and see what a difference outstanding dentistry makes.

Bonding of Tooth Colored Filling

This was direct bonding of tooth colored filling to repair two fractured teeth

Gap Closure

We were able to close the gap with tooth colored filling material.

Cosmetic Crowns and Veneers

This was a large case of cosmetic crowns and veneers.


Bridges to replace damaged teeth after accident

Gap Closure

Gap closure with tooth colored filling material

Six Month Smiles and Whitening

This patient used six month smiles to straighten her teeth and only needed them for four months. She then used in-office whitening and fell in love with her smile again!

Gap Closure with Tooth Colored Filling

This patient loved the results she could see from same-day tooth colored fillings. It was a quick and cost-effective way to close her gap.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic space closure with tooth colored filling material

Broken Tooth

We were able to do same-day treatment on an emergency patient and fix her broken molar tooth with a tooth-colored filling.

Failing Silver Filling

We treated this patient by removing their failing silver filling and replacing it with a white-colored filling. We also removed decay from her neighboring tooth and restored it with a white-colored filling as well.

Failing Filling

Dr. Carron was able to provide a new tooth-colored filling after diagnosing decay around the orginial failing filling.

Six Month Smiles

Here is a great example of a quick cosmetic fix with six month smiles that drastically changed the appearance and smile of this young lady.